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For over 20 years, President, Greg Hart,  Imco Technologies Inc., has taken a problem-solving approach to product development, working closely with customers to develop targeted engineered products that are ideally suited to specific applications.

MG-Krete™ is ideal for a virtually unlimited range of concrete repairs including thin overlays, pouring into forms, staircases or as a fast-set plug. In addition, MG-Krete™ can be troweled vertically and overhead, and cures very rapidly in all weather conditions - most applications can be returned to service within 1 hour.

Ideal for use on roadways, potholes, sidewalks, driveways, industrial floors, parking decks, bridges, re-sloping issues, trip hazards, stairs, parging, airport runways and aprons.

MG-Krete™ lasts much longer and withstands wear and heavy traffic superior to traditional cement based patch material. It has a tenacious bond, does not shrink, creating a surface that is more impervious to moisture, salt, gas and oils and requires no long term maintenance. MG-Krete™ sets within one hour in freezing temperatures, helping to dramatically cut production downtime.

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  • Cures Rapidly Under All Weather Conditions

  • Bonds Tenaciously To Concrete

  • Nonflammable; Highly Heat-Resistant

  • Non-Toxic

  • No Critical Mixing Ratios

  • No Extensive Surface Preparation Required

  • Resists Oil, Gasoline, Salt, UV Radiation and Water

  • Top Quality Polymer Performance at a Fraction of the Cost of Ripping and Replacing

  • Zero Shrinkage

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